4 dicembre 2009

Pronuncia di Char

Filed under: C, informatica — Zeno @ 13:22

Ebbene, come pronunciate “char”? Come CARattere o come CIARlatano?

Beh, ho scoperto che la pronuncia corretta dipende dall’implementazione!


From Frequently Asked Questions in comp.lang.c

17.30: How do you pronounce “char”?
You can pronounce the C keyword “char” in at least three ways: like the English words “char,” “care,” or “car;” the choice is arbitrary.

From Bjarne Stroustrup’s C++ FAQ:

How do you pronounce “char”?
“char” is usually pronounced “tchar”, not “kar”. This may seem illogical because “character” is pronounced “ka-rak-ter”, but nobody ever accused English pronounciation and spelling of being logical.

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